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Accountants for Film & TV Industry


Experts in providing Accountnacy and Tax services to Film & TV sector ranging from bookkeeping to handling full finance function.

Tax Credit

Helping our clients to claim all Film & TV Tax Credits, saving thousands in Taxes.

Finance Function

No need to hire finance staff; our complete finance function outsourcing service lets you concentrate on your main business activities. Plus, it's much more affordable.

What we do?

Spotlight's on you! Let's unlock your next big hit with top-notch accounting.

At Jungle Tax, we're on a mission to rescue businesses in Film and TV from financial quagmires. Specializing in comprehensive accounting and tax services, we expertly manage your full finance function, ensuring you can focus on creativity while we clear the path for your financial success.



Jungle Tax offers comprehensive accounting services, including financial records, tax preparation, and VAT management, ensuring accuracy, compliance, and optimized financial performance.


Beyond handling standard tax returns, we offer strategic tax planning and expertise in niche areas, including film tax credits, Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR), Research & Development (R&D), and SEIS/EIS investment scheme


Allow us to simplify your payroll management. We're here to assist with pensions, maternity and paternity leave, P60s, payslips, and all related tasks, ensuring a hassle-free process.


We provide seasoned business advisory, adept at navigating unforeseen challenges. With our extensive experience, rest assured, we'll be there to support you through any unexpected turns on your journey.

Investment Ready

Seeking funding? We assist with business planning, application processes, valuations, share distributions, and choosing the right business structures to secure your financial support.

Our Expertise

Film & TV Tax Credits

Film and TV tax credits reduce production costs, improve cash flow, and enhance profitability, enabling more investments and job creation in the entertainment industry. Contact us to maximize your benefits

Video Gaming Tax Rel

Video Games Tax Relief (VGTR) is among the UK's Creative Sector Tax Incentives, permitting eligible firms to apply for a cash tax credit on qualified spending.

Finance Function Outsorucing

Outsourcing finance functions streamlines operations, reduces overhead, enhances financial accuracy, and allows film and TV businesses to focus on creative production, maximizing profitability and efficiency.

Our Clients

Finance Function Outsorucing

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